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Things I dont know as of 2018

Inspired from Dan Abramov's article

First of all, there are a lot of things I don't know. There might be techniques whose names I haven't even heard yet. This isn't an attempt to name all those things, this is just a list of things that have been on my bucket list for a long time, but haven't got to learning yet.

  1. Javascript Animations

    I can do normal animations using CSS, may be even jQuery fadeIn and fadeOut. I have been on the page for GSAP and even React Spring and React Motion multiple times now, but haven't made something real, till now.

  2. Microqueues

    After Philip Roberts talk on What the heck is event loop anyway? I now understand what event loops do, but microqueues are still a black box. May be I don't have to know it to use any of the JavaScript APIs, but I'm sure knowing it would make it better.

  3. AWS, Google Cloud

    I know the documentation for both these have improved so much over the last year, but it's still a large jungle for me to navigate. AWS needs to be credited for some real application tutorials and easier setup initiatives like Amplify and Lightsail. Google has always had Firebase. I understand bits and pieces of what and why but there is a lot more that I have to take in.

  4. Database Design

    Having read lots of articles and tutorials on designing them, I'm not sure if I get them right, whether it's MongoDB or Postgres. It's hard to even explain where I would plug in something like Redis.

  5. Design Patterns and Algorithms

    More of these, always.

The aim from this article, is to help me have this reference to learn in 2019. As important is the initiative to #LearnInPublic, I also think admitting that you do not know some things helps you learn much better.

Here is to a better 2019 🥂