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React - Avatars and Avatar Groups

Avatar components are a huge part of our pages nowadays. From homepages to profile, the proliferation of round avatars everywhere. What would be the challenges of just adding an image in place?

  1. Images take time to load, the space would be empty till then. This also means the layout jumps around when the image loads (if size was not explicitly specified beforehand)
  2. There might be faulty links with unprocessed images and these end up with a nasty broken image.
  3. Text based avatars are easy to create but hard to maintain consistency.
  4. When text in avatars is too long, it breaks the design down.
  5. If you are choosing from lots of different colors, then the reading contrast for text fallbacks becomes an issue.
  6. Stacking multiple images together.
  7. Ensuring consistency across many different use cases.

I'm open sourcing a component that I have been using to work around these issues:

npm install @agney/react-avatar
# OR
yarn add @agney/react-avatar

Currently it requires React 16.8 or above and Styled Components v4 or above.

Styled Components is a dependency that I'm actively trying to abstract out.

Features ✨

  1. Ability to render image avatar or text avatar as circle or square.
  2. Ability to render text based fallbacks for images for the time they take to load or error.
  3. Renders text based avatars and backgrounds based on text passed in.
  4. Autoscales text if it doesn't fit the container width.
  5. Automatically determines readable text color depending on background.
  6. Exposes a hook to use/generate gravatar for a user.
  7. Exposes a context so you can configure avatar components across your application.


import { Avatar } from "@agney/react-avatar";
import React from "react";

const App = () => {
  return (

export default App;

For full documentation, visit Github Repository

Storybook for Demos

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