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Introducing Playground - A Frontend Demonstration Component

Playground is a React Component that can be used for demonstrating HTML, CSS and JavaScript code.


  1. Allows bare ES package imports. This means you can add imports for any library that supports ES Module resolution and playground will automatically load it into your code.
  2. Load preview for predefined code.
  3. Autoreloading preview.
  4. See console output in the component itself.
  5. Control tab loaded by default for your use-case.

How does module imports work?

If an NPM package exposes an endpoint for "module", then you can direcly import this package by it's name.

import { format } from "date-fns";

format(new Date(2014, 1, 11), "yyyy-MM-dd");

Unfortunately, not all packages currently support this feature. You can search through an entire list of packages through

You can use community created packages to replicate the functionality. For eg. React would be:

import React, { createElement } from "@pika/react";
import ReactDOM from "@pika/react-dom";

  createElement("div", {}, "Hello World"),

See Complete Documentation